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What makes a lube great for anal play might not make it great for toy usage, and it might be worth investing in specific lubes for specific sex acts. Here are the best lubes and creams for all types of anal play, from anal sex to fisting. Here are the 16 best lubes for anal sex on the market in 2019, as recommended by experts and experience. Lube makes pretty much every type of sex better, end of story. Its crucial for anal sex, as the rectum isnt self-lubricating, and it enhances vaginal sex as well. There are different types of anal lubricant, from silicone to water-based and oil-based. Some lubes arent safe to be used with sex toys and condoms, so heres everything you need to know about. Some within the bdsm community use them as part of dominance and submission (ds) play. Apply a liberal amount of lube to your finger or toy, as well as around your anal opening. By liberal i mean basting yourself up like you would a turkey on thanksgiving.   we also go over some of our favorite lubes designed specifically for personal use, and which ones are best used for certain activities like anal or oral sex.