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Sure, talking openly about anal sex isnt as gasp-worthy as it used to be, but many aspects of doing it in the butt are still shrouded in mysterynamely, what to do after anal sex to make sure.   only a handful of reported cases have been secondary to anal intercourse, usually after sexual assault. 2,4,5 there is a greater propensity to develop injuries during anal compared to vaginal penetration because the ano-rectal mucous membranes do not provide sufficient lubrication for sexual intercourse. 6 injuries are usually heralded by anodyspareunia pain during receptive anal. Take the pain medicine every three to four hours as needed for pain. Apply ela-max 5 percent cream to anus (inside and out) every two to four hours as needed. This is not covered by any health insurance and costs up to 65 a tube. Find other sex positions that would give you as much satisfaction as vpossible. You can decide to go for oral sex as oral sex after pregnancy wont get you knocked up again anyway. Anal sex is another way to go if you cant get enough with oral sex but you have to take care not to cause a tear or damage your butt hole.   do doctors ever stitch anal tears why cant they just stitch the tear in the spincter. And give a liquid soup and ensure diet until it heals like any other muscles or any other laceration. Whats with all the dumb muscle cutting and sphinter removing or stretching solutions that will only lead to flatulance and fecal incontinence. In permanent single-barrel colostomies where they remove the tract that comes after the stoma, the anal tissue is also removed with the rectum. So its technically not the anus thats being closed--its the openingsinus where the anus used to be that is closed up. If the anus & segment of colon that comes below the stoma are not removed (one example is with the aforementioned hartmanns.).   i will say that about a week after the banding, i felt wonderful. There was no more pain since those pesky rhoids werent prolapsing anymore becaue they were gone. As for anal sex, i waited for over a month before even attempting it and yes.   (i am a female in my 20s and having anal tags sure puts a nice big dent in my sex life). Posterior as told by my surgeon during consultation shoudl be a clean cut and easy but the anterior might have to go by ear after posterior was removed.   after a number of tests i had no stds so i went into surgery. It turned out that there was another abscess, which they drained, and an anal fistular! They have placed a seton stitch (an elastic band like stitch that cuts the fistular and allows pus to drain outside the body preventing infection) i had this seton placed in me only 8 days ago. After my 6 week check (which was delayed until i was 8 weeks) we had a bath together and that was the first time i felt comfortable letting dh near me again. We didnt have penetrative sex but that session made it clear i still worked so to speak.