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Like the other electrodes in our premium range the design has the electrode contacts at the top and bottom of the electrode,. It is very easy to insert anal but i have a hard time removing it. Hand-crafted in the uk from solid aluminum, this smooth satin-finished wonder is easy to insert and works like a charm. Being a bipolar, it has 2 electrode surfaces built in one at the flanged base, and another at the top. Bipolar electrodes a useful tool for concentration, separation, and detection of analytes in microelectrochemical systems over the past decade, bipolar electrochemistry has emerged from relative obscurity to provide a promising new means for integrating electrochemistry into lab-on-a-chip systems.   in this paper, we report a method for obtaining a visual voltammogram at a linear array of closed wireless bipolar electrodes (bpes). This advancement is significant, because the visual voltammogram captures the entire currentpotential (ie) relationship of a faradaic reaction in one image and is continuously generated over time.   bipolar electrochemistry (bpe) is an unconventional technique where a conducting object is addressed electrochemically in an electrolyte without any wire connection with an external power supply. Bpe has been known for decades but remained limited to only a couple of niche applications. However, it is now undergoing a true renewal of interest especially in the context of analytical chemistry. Bipolar electrochemistry is a well-established technique, which has been known for many years. In the late 1960s, fleischmann and co-workers described fluidized bed electrodes, where electrochemical reactions at discrete conductive particles took place, when a voltage was applied between two feeder electrodes. Insertable electrodes are the element that passes the output from a power box to the subject, once inserted. All of our electrodes are created to offer the best in comfort safety and durability. Bipolar electrodes have two contact points, monopole electrodes have one contact point and need to be used in conjunction with another monopole electrode. Electrodes made for e-stim fall into two types, monopole and bipolar. Put simply in order to feel anything from e-stim you need two points of contact, the current generated by the control unit flows between these two points and that is felt as a sensation. A unipolar electrode has a single contact, a bipolar electrode has two.